Mein Herr Natural Products

Our Passion at Mein Herr

Mein Herr Natural Products is a family-owned business that strives to create a chemical-free environment in the home. More and more people are turning to eating organic and non-GMO foods in an effort to improve the health of their bodies by being vigilant about what they are taking in. What many do not realise is that most of the products used to clean and moisturize our bodies often also contain toxic ingredients that are readily absorbed by our skin with detrimental long-term effects. Our concern is to make it possible for you to nurture your body’s health from the outside as well as the inside.

Our Products

All our products are hand-made using plant oils. They contain purely natural ingredients with no added colourants or preservatives.

Initially we were specifically focussed on beard-care products. We soon extended the range to include personal care products for the whole family. But it couldn’t stop there. We realised the need for a natural shaving range to cater for those men who did not have beards to pamper. It has taken some time and much research and testing, but we are happy to announce that we launched the Mein Herr Shaving range in July this year.

After only a couple of months of using natural products we, as a family, already noticed an improvement in the health of our skin and hair. And many who use our products have also reported similar results. You too can enjoy the benefits of Mein Herr Natural Products.

The Mein Herr Natural Products range now comprises products for hair and skin care for both men and women. We also offer a range of fragrance-free soaps that can be used to make your own personalised soaps, shampoos and even natural household cleaning products. Our products are available in South Africa from our online shop. You can also read more about our products and how to use them on our Blog. We are constantly experimenting and introducing new products, so be sure to visit us regularly.

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