Mein Herr Natural Products

Mein Herr Natural Products is an effort to move away from the harmful chemicals that make up most of the products that are readily available in the shops, enabling others to take care of themselves and their families in a responsible, ethical way.

The Mein Herr Story

It all started with a beard, as most good things do. I joined a friend in growing some face fuzz. In a huge effort to not look like I was destitute (and I suppose to keep my boss happy) it quickly became apparent that I was needing to groom this animal that was birthed on my chin.

So a strict regime of washing and conditioning ensued.  The effect of my commercial hair conditioner, however, did not last for an entire day. I would get out the shower with silk on my chin, and arrive back home after work feeling like a wire brush again. A plan had to be made.

I was introduced to some of the online beard communities and discovered beard oil – that is, oil for a beard not from a beard – basically a mixture of plant oils enhanced with a combination of essential oils. I did some research and quickly realised that on my salary I was not going to be importing all these magnificent oils from overseas. In my local South African Rand the costs were already high and that was before shipping.

After some more research I attempted making a batch of my own beard oils. Within a couple of days I had a soft beard all day long.

My friends noticed that I had beard oil and I made them some too. Soon they wanted more and I made a bigger batch with different fragrances all focusing on enhancing the oils to care both for your face and beard.

In the mean time we came across a talk on YouTube. The guy was discussing the regular soaps we buy in the shops and the negative effects of the chemicals in these soaps on our skin. Reading more about it we realised that those effects are not just short term but devastating in the long term as well.

Once again it was difficult to find an affordable natural, surfactant free soap locally. More research led to our first batch of soap. We used some very expensive oils in a very haphazard manner. Nothing was documented (except for taking this picture) and that soap recipe will never again be repeated… But we were hooked.

Knowing that the bad chemicals were also present in the hair shampoo that we were using, we attempted our first batch of natural shampoo a month or two later. My wife subsequently threw all our shop-bought shampoos and conditioners away, and we haven’t missed them.

The goodness of all these natural solutions had to be shared. And so, Mein Herr Natural Products was born.

The Team

We are Neil, Ingrid, Emily and Miko. Mein Herr Natural Products is a family business where everyone is involved as far as possible from start to finish.


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