Applying Mein Herr Beard Oil

Applying Mein Herr Beard Oil

Beard oil is a necessity for the serious beard grower, keeping your beard clean, sleek, and soft. But when is the best time to apply it? How much should you apply? And how do you use it?


Beard oils can be applied anytime of the day to a dry beard or a damp beard. In my experience, and that of many other bearded men, the best time to oil your beard is straight after showering when your beard is warm. The hair follicles are still open from the heat of the shower allowing maximum absorption and effect. As said before though, anytime is good.

How much?

The amount of beard oil required depends on the length and size of your beard.  For an average-sized beard you would use 5 to 10 drops of oil; for those approaching wizard status, more oil would be needed. You’ll soon figure out the exact amount that works for you. If you are left with too much beard oil in your hands, just use a little less next time.

How to apply it?Beard oil

So lets take a typical scenario: You have just finished your shower, you are dried off and are admiring the amazing bush of growth on the lower part of your face. You grab your Mein Herr Beard Oil of choice and suck some oil into the pipette lid. What works well for me is to cup my hand holding the bottle in my fingertips. I can then squeeze the desired amount of oil into my cupped palm,keeping the bottle clean on the outside, and refit the lid without spilling the oil.

Rub the oil between your hands spreading it evenly towards your fingertips. Then rake your fingers through your beard, retrieving more oil from your palms as needed. Make sure you also gently massage it into your jaw and chin area. When my beard is sufficiently oiled I like to take the excess beard oil left on my hands and rub it into my elbows. If you do this, you will quickly say good-bye to dry white elbows. Double whammy!

A quick brush or comb through will get your beard neat and sleek. The brushing also helps to get the oil more evenly spread through the beard. This is especially helpful for longer beards.

Now… go out and be awesome!


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Beard Oil: What is it? Why use it?

Beard Oil: What is it? Why use it?

Have you ever noticed how itchy a beard can be when it starts growing? If you’ve never tried, consider it shameful and grow one! This itchiness is largely because the skin is dried out by the chemicals in the commercial shampoos and conditioners used to wash your beard. It can get to the point where the skin starts flaking causing “beardruff” – a nasty sight. But there is hope!

What’s in it?

Mein Herr Beard Oils are made from plant oils that specifically feed the hair and skin. The nutrients in natural oils are absorbed by the hair and skin, leaving it moisturised and soft. We use Jojoba Peach Kernel and Argan oils for their moisturising and de-tangling properties. The beard oils are enhanced with essential oils that hMein Herr Beard oil Bearded warriorave various properties particular to hair care, and that have a great smell that lasts most of the day. Softer hair is more manageable and is shaped a lot easier.

Some untold benefits

Beard oil also protects your beard from spills and smells. When you eat there is invariably food that ends up in your beard. just a quick wipe with a serviette and your oiled beard is cleaned. Mein Herr Beard Oil, an oil-nourished beard

Getting the smoke smell out of your beard after a braai (BBQ for all the foreigners) is not usually a straight forward task. But if you oil your beard before relaxing around the fire all you will need is a normal wash in the shower and the smell will be gone.

So stop looking like a scruff and feeling like a steel brush. Take care of your face and your beard. You and the beard admirer in your life will love  it!



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